I DO THIS WORK BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND how important those fleeting moments are on a once in a lifetime day.

From the smallest moment of connection that fills our hearts. To the grandest moment of celebration that feeds our soul. These glimpses of past memories shapes us into who we are today and tomorrow. 

You deserve a wedding film that feels intentional, embodies passion, and lives through generations.

a centered experience

Thoughtful | Visceral | Warm

When you work with me, you're working with someone who prioritizes your legacy.

Out of everyone that celebrates with you on your wedding day, I care the most about capturing the pure essence of your story. Filming with intention and truth is what drives me. Recognizing the weight of the words shared, words meant to inspire, reset, and commit, is what fulfills me. 

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The only way for me to truly tell your story through film is to have a genuine connection. I'm here to listen and get excited to celebrate your love!

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I'll send over a custom proposal that's tailored with different collections based on your needs and wants. Your story is different than any other.

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I plan on staying in touch through the entire process leading up to your day. I'm here to be your guide to making sure you enjoy your wedding!


My initial collection starts at $4,995. I absolutely love working with couples in different locations with many different traditions; if you feel a connection, I hope you'll reach out. I can't wait to share more about my collections and process.

When we work together, all couples can expect to receive:

I proudly live and work in wichita, kansas. Are you getting married somewhere amazing? I love to travel!

  • Signature Wedding Film
  • Teaser (within 3 days after your wedding)
  • Story Session
  • Customized Online Film Collection Delivery



We are so genuinely thankful for our beautiful wedding film. Aaron has an undeniable eye for capturing moments through his lens that are absolutely breathtaking.

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frequently asked questions

Why is having a wedding filmmaker a major investment?

Weddings can add up quickly, which you probably already know or are just now facing! The reason why videographers have a larger price tag is because there is so much involved with this craft. Everything from getting the right audio of the day to anticipating when moments happen before they do, that takes years of experience. Experience that maybe Uncle Bob doesn’t have. I live and breathe this art. I dedicate my heart and soul into delivering on not only a film you’ll love but an experience that has you feeling heard, seen, and guided!

Do I need a wedding video?

In my honest opinion, the two things that allow you to look back on your wedding are your photos and videos. Your photos allow you to see a frozen moment in time (which by the way is still VERY important) and your film allows you to rewind your day, relive your day, and just remember how your day felt.

DO WE HAVE to meet before booking?

Absolutely! It’s very difficult to craft a film true to your story if I can’t get to know you first. The goal is always to start with a discovery meeting, whether in person or virtually! Connection is a huge deal for me and should be for you as well. After all, you’ll be spending a big chunk of your wedding day with me.

Do you travel and what are your fees?

Yes, I absolutely love to travel and am willing to travel anywhere if it means getting to craft together meaningful films! As for the fees, there is no additional fee for travel. However, I will lump all the travel costs into your collection, such as air fare, rental car, housing, and food. That added cost is fully dependent on the destination, but I do my fair share of research before I send out your custom proposal!

How soon should I have a wedding filmmaker?

This honestly depends! If you’re having your wedding in a peak wedding month, for example, October in Wichita, Kansas, you might want to secure a filmmaker soon, especially if it is on a Saturday! However, I will always push for making sure you don’t rush the process and book just anyone without connecting with them first. The best filmmakers are the ones who put that effort into getting to know you and your partner. Having someone that puts in the same amount or more effort into getting to know you is one of the many things to consider when securing a wedding filmmaker!

What if I’m eloping?

Reach out! I would love to be a part of a truly meaningful and intentional day! I always am so grateful for couples that book me for their weddings, but I’m extra honored to be a part of elopements. There’s something so pure about elopements that I can’t explain.

What if I’m doing a destination wedding?

Let’s talk! I am always up for a destination wedding! Whether it's a Beach Resort or the European Mountains, I’m there for it. One thing I would say is to no longer look at your wedding from the perspective of just one day, but the perspective of the entire experience.


I'm an open book. Contact me, and I'll share more information with you!

Fleeting moments we don't get back. Memories we don't want to forget.
Are you ready to share your story?

Love is about sharing memories of nostalgia. 

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